High In The Mountains...

Here are a few more from our vacation with the family in Colorado...

Love me some sun tea!
Little dog in sombrero...check.
They clearly don't care for each other:)
Now you see her...now you don't...
How can you see this and not believe in God?
He really got in touch with his himself during this hike high in the mountains.
This would have been a great picture if I would have kept my tongue in my mouth.
This was the final destination.  Beautiful waterfall tucked deep into the mountains.
This little sweet brook took two victims on our hike...
It ate my foot on the way to the waterfall...

And broke his leg on the way back...
We gave sweet Doug loads of Vaughan smack talk all week about his "sprained ankle"...turns out it was a broken leg and he has to have surgery on Tuesday.  Poor DOUG!

Storm rolling into the canyon.
Secret water fall.
I knew she didn't like me!
Again, with the tongue...take two.
It was such a wonderful trip.  Thankful for grandparents that share such a beautiful place with their family.  It sure is special.

Here's to a great Monday!


  1. First of all, your pictures are stunning! What a beautiful place! Second, every time I see one of your pictures on Insta, I think...man she's got such beautiful hair!! I love it. :) Just thought you should know. Lol. Hope this Monday finds you doing well!

    My Polished Side Blog
    Sweet Pea's Party

    1. Lauren you are too sweet! Your new short cut make me consider chopping it off! BTW, I love what your selling at Sweet Pea's Party! Passing it along to all my friends with new little ones! You are so talented!

      Happy Monday!

  2. What a gorgeous vacation spot! Looks like an amazing family trip... well for everyone except Doug I guess! You and your hubby should be on a catalog somewhere!

    1. Thank you, Rachael! It was a good trip, excluding poor Doug's injury!

      Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Such pretty pictures! :) Looks like an incredible vacation!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! Where in Colorado is this!?

    And man he must be so tough to have a broken leg and not even know it! I would have probably cried.

    Seriously, I never thought I wanted to visit Colorado until I saw this photos. Now i'm definitely putting it on my bucket list!

  5. Love your photos, love the nature feel of your vacay! :)

  6. That's it!
    Mark used to be known as the family photographer...Ashton, you do it BETTER!!!! These are great and FUN!!!


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