High Five For Friday - The Colorado Edition + BaubleBar Winner

I'm using my H54f to share the top moments from our trip to ColoradoTune in Monday for the full vaca recap!  Also, don't forget to see if you are the winner of the BaubleBar Summer Give-Away; announced below!

1. Mountain Rain - I might have been waiting for this the whole trip.  There is just nothing like an afternoon thunderstorm in the Colorado Mountains.  It makes me giddy just thinking about it.  The way the sky turns a dark blue and grey, the way thunder grumbles over the mountain tops filling the valley, and the sweet scene of raining running up the river toward the cabin is like magic.  Everyone just waits for it. Cuddling up on the porch swing or couch.  Getting a book, and hot cup of tea ready for the for the big show.  Goodness, there is nothing like it!

2. Fly Fishing - Mr. Tanner loves fly fishing and has done it countless time in Colorado, but I haven't tried my hand at this challenging version of fishing.  During our time there, I asked for a lesson and found out that I really enjoy it!  You learn to fly fish like you learn to golf.  The best part is when your instructor (AKA my husband) teaches you the casting technique.  Looking forward to more lessons, and getting to fish with more than a piece of fabric:)

3. Tree Messages - Tucked into a mountain near the family cabin is a beautiful waterfall they have been visiting since they were able to walk.  The trail is framed with beautiful Aspen trees, and wandering streams.  Knowing that this path would be one we would walk each summer we visited, Tanner and I decided to leave a message.  After a few, "This tree like the one.  I'm sure it was right here," we found it...not much has changed in 4 years!

4. Vaughan Cooking - Every time I'm with this family I eat like it's going out of style. Holy Moses they can cook, and I can eat like a 300 lb man who hasn't had food in weeks.  I justify my need to eat everything they cook by the hiking and walks we take, but I know I don't come close to burning what I consume.  Good thing everything is calorie and fat Free on vacation. I ate my weight in this stuff that should be named "crack".

5. Pictures From A Postcard - Speaking of  hiking, we try to schedule a day each trip for a long trek up/along/or on one of the near by mountains.  This year we did a 9 mile hike to a tall water fall.  Along the way you cross a little beautiful stream, in theory this stream is sweet like something out of a children's book, right?  No, in real life this stream swallowed my feet 2 miles into our 9 mile hike, and broke the leg of my SIL's man 2 1/2 miles from our car on the trip back.  Evil stream. But I have to say the scenery was amazing; something you would see in a postcard.

Now, on to our Summer BaubleBar Give-away Winner.  Thanks too all who participated!  We are excited to announce that the winner is entry 49...
 Chelsea Olivia!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and a great start to a fab weekend! See you next week for more CO moments, summer vittles, this season's top colors, and more!


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos, Ashton! Looks like a lovely vacation. I share your same love for #1. It's just sounds so cozy and relaxing that I want to go on a vacation right this moment :(

    Life in the Fash Lane

    1. Thanks Abby! It was very nice! I hope you get to enjoy a rain storm soon!

  2. This post makes me super happy for you but very jealous that we won't make it to the cabin this year. Glad y'all had a wonderful time and thanks for sharing photos of our glorious canyon!

    1. Oh, I hate yall won't be able to go up! It was much hotter this year, but still just beautiful. Let's get together again soon!

  3. Stopping by from High Five for Friday - what an adorable blog! And also, that "crack" looks so delicious I could cry.

    1. Thank you for stopping by today! I'm so excited to have you follow along! I actually found your blog through the link-up as well; your daughter is just beautiful!


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