Weekend Wrap-Up: Graduations & Birthdays!

Goodness, this weekend just flew by.  But I guess ones full of celebration tend to do that.  My little sister, Kailey, graduated from high school on Saturday night; we spent the day celebrating all she's accomplished in the last 18 years, and thinking about all she will accomplish in the next 4.  As she was sitting in her chair waiting to graduate, I watched her and was amazed by the woman God created.  Gosh, I'm so lucky to get to be the big sister to such a ball of joy.  It was one of those moments where you think, "Wow, she isn't little anymore.  What happened to the time?" I feel like my mom when I say that, but it is so true, and very much how I felt watching her.  She is the little sister I used to dress up in costumes and make perform, get ready for school in the morning, and pack for each summer before she went to camp.  Now she is grown up, moving out, and heading to college.  I'm so proud and excited for her.  But goodness I'll miss her.

Yesterday was also my birthday. I enjoyed a relaxing day that started with breakfast in bed, a little shopping, a great lunch with my family, a little D.I.Ying, special tea drinking, and Crème Brûlée
making.  It was a wonderful day thanks to my sweet husband, family, and friends. I'm constantly reminded of the blessing God grants me. So thankful!

How was yall's weekends?  Anything special happen?

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Beautiful centerpieces too!

  2. The weekend looks incredible. Love all of the pictures.


  3. Beautiful pics! And Happy Birthday! So happy you got spoiled by your loved ones :) PS I love the Gray dress!


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