High Five For Friday

1. A wonderful evening with my daddy to celebrate Fathers Day.  I love my time with him; he is so special to me.

2. Waking up to an unexpected rainstorm after a few very hot days!

3. The start to a new D.I.Y. project.  BTW, we completed our last D.I.Y and I have the reveal scheduled for next Thursday; I can't wait to show you!

4. My dinner Thursday night was hot vanilla oatmeal with fresh blackberries.  The blackberries tasted like candy!

5. I'm spending this weekend with some beautiful ladies and I can't wait.  I'm so grateful for time with these girls; God has a special way of speaking through girlfriends.  I'm sure there will be a lot of laughs, drinks, and fun; look for all the details on the recap on Monday!

It's Friday! What are your weekend plans?


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Your backyard is SO pretty!

  2. Looks like a wonderful week! Glad I found your blog via H54F :)

    Marissa @ OurLittleFamily


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