The Things You're Most Afraid Of...

This morning I read a post related to a blog challenge the beautiful lady behind Story of My Life is hosting during the month of May.  Her challenge is to blog every day in May; while I 'm not sure I'll be able to hang my hat on that, I would love to participate in a few posts.  Day 7 is the thing(s) you're most afraid of...

Bug Fear:  The bug I'm most afraid of is the scorpion. I never knew how incredibly terrified I was of them until we moved into our new house and I saw a few.  I have an eye for finding them, and don't tell my husband, but sometimes I think I see them when they are not there.  They make me come out of my skin.  

Needle Fear: I have always been extremely scared of needles.  Doesn't matter if they are used to push something in, or take something out, I go into fight or flight mode, and almost always choose the flight option.  I've walked out of more doctor's offices, and passed out during more blood draws than anyone I know.  My hands are getting sweaty just typing this.  Over the last few years I've gotten a little better, but it still need Tanner to go with me every time I get my blood drawn. Maybe one day I'll be a big girl and go by myself ..but maybe not:)

Public Speaking: My heart starts to beat very fast, my hands feel tingly, and it's hard to take a full breath right before I start presenting to a crowd.  It does't matter how well I know the content or how comfortable I am with the venue, I always get a rush of head pounding fear.  Most of it will disappear once I get into it, but some of it stays, and mostly I just want it to be over.  

Death: This is the thing I'm most afraid of.  This is what makes tears run down my face. Thinking of a life without the ones I love makes my heart feel like it weighs a thousand pounds.  The thought of not living this life next to Tanner paralyzes me. This fear fills my prayers each night. Tanner says you can't worry about things like this, and God calls me to have faith.  But I struggle with both.  I don't know how you come out of loosing someone you love.

What are you most afraid of?

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  1. oh my you have some doozies! i am afraid of that and of poeple getting into my personal space and other things.

    i'm a new follower.

    1. Thanks for following along Aimy! It was very interesting putting my fears down on paper.

      Hope you have a nice weekend!

      XO- Ashton


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