Raspberry Poppers + Spring Give-Away Winner

Last week, HEB had the most beautiful fresh raspberries; I couldn't pass them up. I also had a few major sweet attacks last week.  In my defense, there was a little troll inside me that made me eat cookies, teddy grahams  and chocolate chips straight from the bag.  Wow, that felt good.  It's like confessing your sins.  

Anyways, in one of these sugary fits, I decided that maybe I should at least attempt to be mildly good. And then I remember this cute chocolate filled raspberry recipe I saw, and to the kitchen I went to make the easiest sweet on the block.  

Wash & Dry the Fresh Raspberries.  

Melt the Dipping Chocolate & Pour Into Gallon Ziploc Bags.  Use Scissors to Cut the Tip off One Corner, and Pipe Chocolate into the Center of the Raspberry.

Position the Raspberries in a Upright Position for 15 Minutes to Allow the Chocolate to Cool, Then Enjoy!  

On a separate note, thanks to everyone who participated in the Spring GiveAway!  The random number generator landed on lucky number 5!  Congrats to Amanda T!


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  1. Whoa those raspberry poppers - that makes so much sense! That's what the little hole is for, I believe. Thanks for filling me in. :)


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