Weekend Recap

This weekend was a perfect one. My kind-hearted husband planned a surprise weekend to a beautiful hotel in the hill country of Texas.  We spent our time enjoying the food, and views of San Antonio, which was all spiced up for their annual FIESTA celebration.  The rest of the weekend was spent lounging by the pool enjoying the beautiful views over the golf course and diving into an abandoned book.

We ran into a group of "red-hat" ladies leaving Mr. Tim's, and they were decked out for FIESTA.  TV asked this sweet woman were she got her flower head band, and she immediately took it off and insisted I have it.  She made my day!


It is so nice to get away.  We came home relaxed a ready for the week ahead.  I'm grateful for the time we have, especially after a week when so many lives were forever changed.

Praying for a safe week for our country.


  1. What a beautiful view! Seems like a wonderful weekend. What book were you reading?

  2. Beautiful view! What are your thoughts on Gone Girl?

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a fantastic time!

  4. Hey there! Stumbled upon your blog via the TWI link-up...now following! This weekend looks like a dream! I have never spent any time in Texas...but this looks like a great reason to visit!

  5. Looks like an awesome weekend!:) love the hill country!

  6. How beautiful!!! I want to go there :) That looks so amazingly relaxing. What was the hotel called!?


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