Product Review: iRobot Roomba (Molly)

Do you hate sweeping and vacuuming?     

If you answered no, that is a little strange, but you should still keep reading.  If you said yes, then this post is for you.  We have dark, hardwood floors that seem to make dust, like rabbits make bunnies. I have to sweep at least once a day to keep them presentable, which is why the commercial for Roomba from iRobot had us at hello.  How could you pass up a friendly little disk that runs around your house and licks your floors clean?!  We did a little research, talked to family members that had different models, and found nothing but great things about Roomba.  So we took our 20% off coupon down the triple B and picked up Molly (we name our electronics).

We've been living with her for a week now, and I thought I'd do a little review on our experience thus far.

 Set-Up:  She came with a very educational DVD for a quick and easy set-up.  She also came with replacement parts for the heavily used items; a great addition.  She had to charge for 24 hours before she was ready to go.

Cleaning: Our model is set to clean two rooms per cycle which usually lasts around an hour. You are able to set up "light-houses" that act like invisible walls to keep her within the rooms you've selected.  This is great if you have an open floor-plan.  You have the option to run her on demand by pushing her "ON" button, or you can have her run at a scheduled time.  We have scheduled her to come on at 5:30; she runs while we work-out and make dinner. She runs over rugs, hard floors, under entertainment centers, end-tables, and against walls with ease. In the last week, I haven't notice anything she was not able to pick up.  Our floors are clean and tidy; all I have had to do is mop.

Complaints: My only complaint thus far would be for the quick cleans.  As mentioned, it takes her about an hour to clean two rooms. In the situation where our floors needed a quick clean before company comes over, I would still have to sweep.  Not a huge deal, but one to take note of.

Overall, we'd give her an A+!

For us, the Roomba was worth the investment.  She gives me more time to do other things by keeping my floors clean and ready for company.  If you were on the fence about this little jewel, I hope this has helped!

I'd love to hear if any of you have had different experiences!


  1. Where did you find the 20% off coupon??? I want borderline need a Molly!

    1. I signed up to received them online through email and I get them through text messages.

  2. I enjoyed your blog and I'm a new follower on blogloving from the hop. Whoop whoop! Hope we can become bloggy buds!


  3. I just saw a commercial for this and thought to myself that we need one! But I was wondering if it works, so this was a great post for me to read! Thanks for the review!

  4. Hmm I had heard of these but never heard if they were good/bad/etc - thanks for sharing! what does something like this cost?

    1. The costs vary based on the model you get. You can find the base prices here - http://bit.ly/16HXrDl .

  5. I got one for my birthday it was quite a surprise. I named mine Rowdy and I love love love it!!!


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