High Five For Friday

1. Mr. Man lost his glasses last week and has been squinting like an old man ever since. We made a trip to a vision store Wednesday night and a few big giggles as he tried on different looks.  I love being silly with him. And this is by far my favorite look!
2. I'm in love with this Tocca hand cream. It has a perfectly sweet smell and a great finish and feel on my skin.  Great product in the BirchBox Garden Edition!
3. This is my new office view.  The first week has been insanely busy, but better than I expected.  I'm already getting used to being downtown, and it is nice to be in a new space.
4. This classic statement necklace is perfect for the office or Saturday errands.  I love it so much, I'm planning a give one away next Thursday!  
5. This would be the folder my husband has been looking for all week that I promised I didn't put in a drawer and forget about....After a "I Told You So Dance" he promised he wouldn't hold it over my head. #IHAVEAPROMBLEHIDINGTHINGS

We are going to be home this weekend, and I'm so excited.  I feel very behind on house stuff, blog stuff, photo stuff, and work stuff.  It will be nice for a little GSD weekend.

What are yall doing?

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