High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!

1. Rain.  For two days we enjoyed the healing sound of rain, and thunder.  There is nothing like a good storm to make you feel refreshed!
2. Finding the fun in the bad.  During an after dinner date drive in DTATX smoke started pouring from the hood of Tanner's car.  We ended up needing a tow truck to take the car into the dealership for repair, which left us downtown, car-less in the cold drizzle.  But, it's all about these little moments right?  We found our way to a little restaurant for an after dinner drink and an amazing Crème brûlée before we caught a cab home.
3. We are starting our mini garden with two pots of tomato plates from my mother-in-law.  These were part of our Easter gift, and I can't wait to watch them grow!
4. New dishwasher. You must be an old married woman when this makes it onto you top five list for the week.  But yay!
5. My grandfather made us this wooden bench from trees on our family farm.  The beautiful Spring weather has been so nice to enjoy sitting right there on that bench! Love!

How was your week?  What are yall's weekend's plans?


  1. That bench is amazing. How incredibly special!!! I love it!

    PS Its been raining and thundering here too. I love the sound and also that I don't have to water my yard ;) hehe

  2. We're about to get a new dishwasher and I'm thrilled! Totally hear you:) And that bench is gorgeous. Have a good week!



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