4 Steps To A Great Photo Shoot!

A few weeks ago, Tanner and I had a 45 minute photo session with a local photographer.  If you missed that story, read this.  I had high hopes of being a little more prepared for this session than I was for our engagement pictures a few years ago.  It is never fun when you spend the night before photos trying on everything you own, swearing that nothing fits. That scenario usually ends with me on top of a pile of clothes on the floor looking like a hot mess with tears and mascara running down my face.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that has found herself in this little predicament?!?  At any rate, my goal was not to end up there this round, so I started to do a little research and collected 4 steps to a great session!

I got a lot of great examples on Pinterest; these were some of my favorites!

Our photo's are due in any day now and I can't wait to see them and share them with yall!  I'd also love to hear any go-to tips for photo session prep!

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  1. gorgeous photos!


  2. EEE!!! Can't wait to see them :)

    And that is great advice! Makes me want to book a shoot!


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