Weekend Recap

We spent this weekend celebrating Easter with our families and it was wonderful.

Tanner's parents came over on Friday and we visited while enjoying Venison Hamburgers (recipe coming tomorrow), dirt cake, and little Spring planting.  We ended the evening with one of the best Good Friday services I've ever attended.  It was just moving.  One of the pastors said, "He was abandoned so we could be adopted."  I've never heard this story described like that; it broke my heart.  How unworthy I am.

On Saturday afternoon we headed to my grandparents land for a little celebration in the country.  Sometimes it is nice to get away from T.V's and computers and just enjoy the company of your family.  

The kids love walking the trail and practicing their shooting skills.  The adults also got to try out a few different hand guns. It is a blast just to play sometimes.

We took a short drive to Marble Falls for dinner and wildflower picking.  We picked that county road clean dry of flowers! The Easter bunny had great nests for our eggs:)

We woke up Easter morning to a yard full of eggs.  Let the games begin.  It is so fun to watch them break off the porch in a sprint to first egg their eyes catch.  Each egg is like finding Gold.  And once everyone is done  hunting the bartering begins.  Health Bars, Milky Ways and Gummy Bears were passed around in trade.  It is so much fun to hear them work their candy magic:)

I hope each of you had a great weekend.

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  1. Hiya! Stopping in from the This Weekend, I bloghop. Your photos are beautiful and your Easter looks lovely! I look forward to reading more!


    Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

  2. Such gorgeous photos you have here :) Loving your blog!

  3. What a beautiful Easter you guys had!!! I'm so happy you guys had a blast :)



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