Weekend Recap

Oh, Monday.  You are here again; making me grateful for the last two days of weekend!  Most of that weekend consisted of enjoying the perfect Spring weather Texas was dishing out.

We spent Friday evening soaking up the last rays of sun on the back patio, enjoying a cold sweet tea and book.  Saturday morning started by mastering the meaning of lazy; eating breakfast in bed at 10 AM and watching the last of Lonesome Dove. While we are talking about that show, why did they have to kill off Gus?!  After that sadness wore off, we made a quick decision to pack up and head to College Station to see Tanner's grandmother for her 81st birthday.  On the way down, we stopped for a late Bar-B-Q lunch at this great place on the square in Caldwell called Porky's.  They were already closed for the evening, but their sweet owner sold us a rib pack anyway and we enjoyed it on the courthouse lawn.  

We spent Saturday evening riding around the land, visiting with grandparents and little brothers who are home for Spring Break.  We played a little train, or at least I tried to play, and the evening ended with a little night fishing.  We didn't catch anything, but sometimes that is the best kind of fishing.  It gave us three hours of good conversations and laughs.

Before we headed home on Sunday, the boys did a little target practice and Maria practiced her swimming skills.  We also visited my cousin's new boutique, Pine. Tara and her sweet business partner opened their second boutique last Fall, and they are killing it. The store laid out beautifully.  The ceiling is framed in rich stained wood and paired with little touches of feminine flair. The inventory is a perfect balance of sweet fabrics, bright spring colors, and amazing accessories.  I picked up a few items that I can't wait to share!

We ended the weekend in our PJ's with homemade crepes, creamy coffee, and a good movie.

How was yall's weekend?  


  1. Stopping by from the GFC hop...sounds like a really fun weekend! Love all your pictures and heck yea on the ribs. I love good ribs! Happy Monday!

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! I'm drooling over that food... YUM!

    xoxo Jamie

  3. your weekend looks amazing- I would die for your weather!!

    by the way, you are gorgeous girl!


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