The OCD Me Is Loving This!

Our next big house project will be redesigning the master bathroom; most importantly our shower situation.  Right now it is kinda like a coffin, and not the good kind. Let me paint you a picture.  A coffin shower means you can't wash your body without touching the edges.  It also means that when you try to get anything on the ground of the shower, you run the risk of opening the door (I broke the lock) with your engine.  It's made for a few bad words, a few laughs and a very wet floor every time we take a shower.

But today, we are not talking about the shower, we are talking about the lack of storage in the vanity.  When we redo the bathroom we will purchase a new vanity with more room for all of  my Tanner's products, but for now I need a few creative ways to make the current space more usable.  These are a few ideas I'm loving!


Stay tuned for tomorrow for a simple DIY with a few of these ideas!

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  1. LOVE all these ideas for extra storage in the bathroom. Going to check out your pinterest now too. Seems we have similar taste. :) Happy Wednesday.

  2. Love these! Your bathroom is going to be perfectly organized w/ any one of these options. I think I may need a few of these items :) ha!

  3. I am LOVING every single one of those pictures! Isn't it annoying how husbands and their beauty products require so much extra storage :)

  4. I love all of those!!! I especially love the totes that are labeled. Is that yarn? I wonder how they did that! It looks so amazing.


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