I Have a Little Crush...

The lovely lady behind Living In Yellow had a great idea last week. To clarify, she probably had a lot of great ideas last week, but this is the idea we get to be a part of!  Her idea included a lot of ladies and a lot of love - a blogger crush link-up! So let's jump into some of my favorites!

Enjoying The Small Things
This is Mrs. Kelle  Hampton and she makes me want to be a better person. She has such a beautiful heart, and her passion for motherhood makes me melt.  I'm not a mother yet, but she inspires me to be one with patience, limitless love, spontaneous moments of special, and honest.  Her book, Bloom, showed me such a beautifully raw side of birth and love.  I spent days in pages full of beautiful pictures and captivating words; I cried, laughed, and cried again. She is just amazing, and I'm so thankful I found her blog.

This is Ms. Kate and she rocks the definition of a lifestyle blog.  She does it all; hair, fashion, food, beauty, and heart.  I first found TSTB through a hair tutorial she posted on Pinterest.  Her tutorials are fabulous - easy to follow and great for new classic and trendy styles.  Her beauty tips are user friendly and actionable.  She was raised with a thumb for decorating and creating spaces that make you want to run to HomeGoods.  She also has a little something for the men; a love for Duke basketball.  Her heart for the Lord inspires me to be a better witness.  As you can see, she has it all!

My computer is now acting up and threatening to end this post.  To ensure I get to finish, I'm going to share these next favorites under my everyday go-to's for fun fashion and beautiful pictures! 

This is Kate, and I love her style!

This is Rach, and her closet is full of everything you want:)

This is Lauren.  She is a fashion student and everything she does is adorable!

Can't wait to read everyone crushes!

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  1. These are all faves of mine as well! Such adorable, fashionable ladies!


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