High Five For Friday!!

Hello Lover Muffins!  We made it to Friday. Let's celebrate.

1. I got my first order in from Poshlocket this week! I order a few bangles from them, and I'm smitten!  These are two of my favorites!
2. My favorite part of this week doesn't have a picture, but I can show you what inspired it.  This new JT song is the slow jamza!  It prompted a little late night dance with my hubby in the kitchen; we laughed most of it.  But that boy does have some skill!
3. My name is Ashton, and I am a mug collector.  I think I'm mildly obsessed with these coffee and tea holders.  Something about having a new, cheerful glass makes the contents taste better and puts a smile on my face.  So cheers to my newest addition.
4. I didn't feel too good this week so my sweet husband picked-up new movies for a few movie nights.  I'm a lucky girl to have a husband that has such a caring heart for me. He also is a great maker of crêpes and the best snuggle bug around.
5. Sam is home from college and we love it. We had a great time this weekend sharing stories and laughing; he has the best sense of humor! 

How was yall's week?  Any fun weekend plans?


  1. i bought the jt cd this week too - like it, but don't love it. still obsessed with his future sex love sound cd! but, yessssss he has some skill!!! ps crepes - YUM!!!

  2. Those bangles look adorable :) I have been eying posh locket for awhile now!!! Might have to get on some of that!

  3. Movie nights in always help me feel better.love the mug with the moustache!


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