You Choose...

I had a different post lined up for today, but a little note left on my car this morning changed my mind.

I found this little beauty on the windshield of my car, which I parked along the curb outside our home last night.  My car was not obstructing traffic flow, and it is one of the more unassuming cars on the street. Who gets mad at a dirty old tiny grey car? But by the joyous words on this little note, someone else didn't feel the same way.

My first thought was not nice.  My next thought was to be a little creeped out; who puts a smiley face on a mean note?!  Which was followed by impromptu search for outdoor video surveillance.  Then I had a cup of coffee and thought, "I bet this person had a day like I did yesterday."  A day that makes you want to get physical...and not the Olivia Newton-John kind.  That, or this person is crazy.

In either case, I get to choose how I let it affect me. I can let it start my work day off on a sour note, and then park my car on the street the rest of the week.  I know I'm working on my willfulness.  Or, I can choose to accept that it happened and let it go.

I chose to do the latter today, and I'm glad I did.  You see friends, there are enough trying circumstances that can motivate a response that ends up affecting your day more than the actual circumstance itself does.

Choose to let the small things go, and use the blessings to get you back to a smile.


  1. I'd like to say I could take the high road as you did, but not so sure. Good for you though! Shauna {www.shaunawyrick.com}

  2. That's awesome that you didn't let it affect your day. I would've vented about it for about an hour or two but eventually let it go.

    All I can say to the person who wrote that note is Karma.

    Keep that great attitude!


  3. Holy crap! That is so creepy - good for you for staying positive!!

    The Hartungs Blog


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