Who Doesn't Love A Quickie Meal?

I love me a quick meal.  Something that you can throw together, fills your belly, and isn't too bad for you gets a gold star from this girl.  The Western sandwich was introduced to me by my sweet husband and it's now one of our favorite fall backs on a busy night.  It is in interesting mix of breakfast and lunch that seems to make the perfect dinner.  Hope you enjoy!
1. Cook the bacon.  This step takes the longest.  A good tip is to cook bacon on the weekend and save a few pieces in the fridge for the next week's meals.
2. Fry or Scramble a Egg.  Tanner likes it fried, and I like it scrambled.  Either way works well.
3. Toast bread, and slice the lettuce and tomato.   After the bread is toasted, spread a layer of mayonnaise over each side and layer with egg, bacon, tomato, then lettuce. 


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