The Green Power Shake

Last year I watched a college of mine drink a shake that looked like...well something you shouldn't put near your mouth, let alone drink.  The look on my face encouraged her to share what was in the green/brown mixture, and how great it was for your innards.  While I couldn't argue the benefits of drinking something like that, I didn't think I could choke it down. BUT...I was wrong.

Fast forward several months, and you would find me drinking that little green shake twice a day.  To my surprise, it doesn't taste bad and it is easy to make.  It allows me to get all the good nutrients from the veggies and fruit I like, without paying the price of a juicer. I thought I'd share this recipe in case any of you were interested in trying a power green shake!

The steps below will give you two shakes.  Try it for a week, and let me know what you think!

1: Add ingredients to a blender.  Note: It seems to work best to do the Spinach, Protein Powder, Kale, and then fruit.  Also, it is good to push the Spinach and Kale down to allow for room.
2. Add water till it hits the top of your ingredients.  Note: I like my shake more liquid and less chunky, which is why I fill it up to the top with water. If you would like it thicker, just add less water.
3. Blend until it is smooth. (about 45 second)
4. Poor into two containers.  I use protein shakers, and mason jars.

This recipe is just one I've enjoyed, but it can always be modified.  Feel free to mix up the greens, fruit, protein powder, and liquid!  I'd love to hear what yall think!

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