My Nails Just Got Festive

Who doesn't like a good holiday nail?!  I got the Essie glitter polish at Christmas and have been excited to pair it up with other colors this Spring.
Ulta - Basecoat, O.P.I - OPI Red, Essie - A Cut Above

You're never too old for glitter, right?


  1. Hey! I just found your blog over at The Kinch Life and I love it! You are adorable and what a great nail tutorial! I love pretty nails! :) Happy to be your newest follower.

    My Polished Side Blog

    1. Lauren, thank you so much! I'm might be obsessed with that glitter polish!

      I'm a new follower on your blog as well, and I loved your post about meal planning. I hope you found it helpful; I know I have. I left a link to a planner that I use to help me keep everything together.

      Enjoy your day!


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