High Five For Friday

1. A very special dish that I will treasure till the day I pass, holding a sweet treat that is the first sign of Spring.
2. We purchased our dining room table and two end chairs in January, and have been waiting patiently for the rest of our chairs to arrive.  On Tuesday we got the call, and are putting them together one-by-one.  Yay for having an actual table and chairs to sit at!
3. Last night, we took a spontaneous little drive after dinner.  It was complete with an old 'Slow Jams' mixed CD, beautiful sunset, and my husbands hand around mine.
4. On Wednesday, we enjoyed a full day of cold weather and rain.  There is something refreshing about a  day that keeps you inside, cozy and warm.
5. We started this week refreshed from a overnight trip to the country.  Nothing feels as good as a deep breath of air that hasn't been touched by the bustle of the city.

Happy Friday, loves!  How was yall's week?  After work tonight we are heading North to see my little brother play basketball; I'm so excited!

I hope your week ends on a high note!

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