High Five For Friday!

1. Loving my new wallpaper from the talented Aubrey Kinch, at #kinchdesigns!
2. Is it bad that one of my favorite momements of the week was enjoying a hot brownie at Satellite Bistro & Bar?!?! #SweetToothWonAgain
3. On Wednesday I celebrated my 8th Valentine with my grand friend; chocolates and all!  She is like a sister to me and I'm blessed to have such a sweet friend from God!
4. Tanner and I do funny picture swaps with my little Hadley...this one was too awful not to share.  #OnlyAFaceAHusbandCouldLove
5. Speaking of my Husband, he treated me to a clean house, hot dinner, bottle of wine, and that little beauty on Thursday night.  I'm a blessed girl! Can't wait to switch my wallets over this weekend!

Hope your Friday workday flys by, and the smell of the weekend reaches your nose soon!


  1. Hahaha!! It's definitely not bad that one of your favorite parts to the week was that brownie - it'd definitely be on the top of my list too!!

  2. Brownie's are never a bad thing! Looks delicious, happy weekend :)
    xo Alea


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