High Five For Friday!

1. This week I had my first experience @madewell1937, and I loved it!  I'm lusting after this dress, and will have to have it in my closet soon!
2. I burnt my last @TylerCandles to the point on no return.  The smell of their High Maintenance scent makes me happy and I had to make a fun trip to Anna Grey to stock up!
3. Grilled Steak topped with Blue Cheese - this needs no comment.
4. I might be a gold freak right now.  All the new jewelry I've bought lately is gold...which is why I couldn't wait for this ring to come in!
5. This week I launched my new blog design, and I love it!!

Hope Yall Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm new to your blog so I'm not sure what your design and name were before, but I LOVE what it is now. Such a lovely idea 'landing on love'. I just went through my blog name /design change so I know how exciting it is! Congrats on getting it done. I noticed that you are using a canon? I just bought my first dslr, a canon rebel t3i and am LOVING it. Great to have stumbled upon your blog!


    1. Thank you so much, Cassandra; you just put a big smile on my face! I do have a Canon, and I have it agree with you, it's amazing! I'm still trying to learn all the settings - there are just so many. From your blog (which by the way is so cute, I love the chalk board table idea) it looks like you take a good amount of up close pictures. I'm not sure what sort of lens you use, but Canon makes a 50mm one with the nickname "Plastic Fantastic". They are around $100 and take fantastic close-up shots. I got it at Christmas and I'm in love with it!

      It is great to meet you! Looking forward to flowing, 'Lovely Little Locket'!


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