D.I.Y - Tea Time for Valentine's

I think I might have a holiday problem.  It doesn't matter if it is Plum Pudding Day. I'm ready to celebrate.  So, naturally, February makes me think in Groundhogs, red glitter, pink hearts, and sweets.  For the last few weeks I've been itching for a Valentine's inspired D.I.Y., and when I saw a holiday inspired tea bag from Cupcakes and Cashmere, I knew I had my project.

I decided to make a Valentines Box full of homemade cookies and tea bags for my coworkers.
1. Fold the coffee filter in half and cut into a rectangle.
2. Thread a needle and stitch up each side of the rectangle . Finish one side with a knot and leave the other side attached. (the side that is left attach needs to be longer enough to close the tea bag and attach an embellishment).
3.  Fill tea bag with one large spoon full of loose tea.
4. Sew the top of the tea bag shut, fold down the corners to make a point (leaving the string attached), and staple to secure the fold.
5. Use the excess string to attach an embellishment.
This D.I.Y was easy and fun to make.  And I'm sure it will make our afternoon tea at work a little more special.  I'd love to hear any fun holiday projects your doing this month!

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