New Year Wishes

I love the idea of a resolution, but I find that the moment you call it a "resolution" is the moment it's given an expiration date of February Xth.  So this year, instead of making resolutions, I'm going to make wishes.  Wishes that are actionable and attainable.  Wishes that focus on a happy, fun, meaningful, loving, healthy life. 

I wish to spend more time with our grandparents.

I wish to learn a new application or tool that will add in house value to my marketing team.

I wish to continue making our new house a home.

I wish to run a 5K with my sweet husband.

I wish to get involved with a young married's class at church.

I wish to revamp this blog, and make it something that provides happiness to others and myself.

I wish to spend time reading in my favorite room of the house - the den.

I wish to have one night a week that is media free.

I wish to have a table that's sole purpose is to house ongoing games or puzzles.

I wish to expand my recipe bank and make two new dishes a month.

I wish to keep getting better at being a sister and friend, and not a second mom...except to my Lukey...one step at a time.

I wish for more dinners with candle light and impromptu date nights.

I wish for an unspoken...

What is the promise of a new year making you wish for?

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