High Five For Friday!

Happy Weekend Everyone!
  1. New Name & New Design(Coming Soon) - This week I final finished the transfer of this blog from, From Kisses to Dishes to Landing on Love.  You can now find me at LandingonLovedotcom!  You will also see a new design rolled out next week!  More to come on why I made the change!
  2. Media Free Night - One night a week we turn off the TV and computers, and turn on music and a fun game.  This week we vowed to finish the puzzle we started a few weeks ago...that might have been a little too ambitious.
  3. Fish Tacos - I'm in love with Fish Tacos.  I know I'm late to the game, but they are so easy and so good. 
  4. 1st Wiffle Ball Game - Tanner and his sister organized a team for a local sports and social club.  I've never played on a team like this, nor have I ever played wiffle ball.  Our first game was Tuesday and I have to admit, it was fun!  And we won!
  5. Boys & Ashton Night - Tonight my little brother and cousin are coming over to rock climb, eat pizza, smores, and play until we pass out!  I love hanging out with my boys - should be fun...and likely remind me that I'm no longer a teenager that can stay up till all hours of the night.

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