High Five For Friday!

Friday, we meet again, and it feels so good!  This week was long, but full of celebrations.  Excited to continue enjoying these into the weekend!
1. Celebrating 11 years of an amazing little brother.  I thank God every day for letting me be the big sister to Luke Miller.  He opened my eyes and heart to the spirit and wonderfulness of little boys.  He has such a big sense of humor, and a thoughtful mind.  He has made me excited to have little boys of my own someday - just melts my heart!  Can't wait for him to get over the flu, so we can celebrate his amazing little self!

2. People's Choice Awards:  Twice a year my company hosts the People's Choice Awards, which allows everyone in the company to nominate a coworker who exemplifies the company model, mission, and values. It is a wonderful way to build internal recognition between coworkers and motivate and encourage all to continue to run at the high level.  I've enjoyed nominating coworkers for this award, but I have to say it was an amazing feeling to win it.  It is a blessing to work for a company that supports and facilitates internal recognition --- it really makes a difference.

3. Winter weather.  Gosh it is nice to finally have some consistent cold weather, and nice to get to cozy up by a warm fire and watch New Girl!

4. Fresh Flowers.  I know this is very silly, but fresh flowers in my house make me so happy.  I can't help but smile when I see them.

5. Attempting a new veggie - Brussels Sprouts.  More to come on attempt 1, and attempt 2 of this smelly ball of healthy.

Hope yall's week was wonderful!

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