High Five For Friday

It's Friday, and I'm happy to be home and through my only two days of work for the week.  Even two days can seem long after 5 days in the most magical place in the world:)  Today I'm cloning the 'High Five For Friday' series I found on a wonderful blog called, From My Grey Desk. It will be a moment at the end of each week to reflect on the favorite moments of the past 7 days!  With that, it is safe to say that most of my favorites happened at Disney!

1. Seeing the magic of Disney through the eyes of a 5 year old.  
2. Eating in the ball room of the Beauty and the Beast Castle.  We got to sit next the the window, with snow falling outside.  #livingthedream
3. Seeing the Beauty and the Beast production at Hollywood Studios.  If you can't tell, it is my favorite Disney movie.
4. Spending 4 fun, full days at a magical place with my husband, parents, sisters, brother, Memaw, Poppie, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins.  I'm beyond blessed to get this time to make memories.
5. An invitation for a date, from my husband.  I still get pretty excited when he asks me on a date.

How was yall's week?

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