That Little Thing Called Motivation…

Motivation - The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

All over the world, in urban and rural populations, people are making decisions.  Most of these are motivated by something ---  a desire, a need, an idea.  Each one of us have a pushing force that leads us toward an action or decision; some are simple – my hunger motivates me to get up and make a sandwich.  Some are a little more integrated into the emotional sectors of the brain --- hurt feelings motivate me to distance myself from a situation.  Whatever the type of motivation, we recognize it’s needed to get things done.   But, what happens when it takes a leave of absence?

Am I the only one who loses the motivation bug every now and then?  I’m on top of the “to-do-list” world, accomplishing great things every day, and then out-of-nowhere a one day lag, leads to one week, to one month, and before you know it you're behind on everything.

So, how do you get the motivation bug back?  Well, we took a ride...got out of Austin and took a few back roads to College Station.  Everything is alive right now.  Seeing all the greens, yellows, pinks, and reds cover the opens fields makes me smile, and breath a little easier.  

Bringing yourself back to neutral seems to be the first step, and this trip was perfect for that.  The next step is one that I'm current working on...crossing off the small to-dos.  Doing a few things everyday to get back into the swing of things is great, and I think my friend motivation, seems to be coming back into my life...thank goodness!
Off to cross a few more things off my list...stay tuned for tomorrow...we have some big news!


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