Goodbye Appendix

Hello friends - sorry for my absence!   An emergency appendectomy has hindered my ability to cook, “project-it”, write, and a few other things.  But now, I’m back and feeling good, thanks to my husband, parents, and grand friend who took such good care of me – special thanks to them for their time and kind hearts!

While the experience was lacking in the ‘fun’ department, it did provide me with a some good tips to live by and a few less than flattering pictures documenting the journey....which I will now pass along to you.

A Few Tips to Live By:
  1. If you have sever stomach pain for more than 2 days - go to the doctor, it is not indigestion.
  2. If a surgeon asks you what to do - leave immediately.
  3. Cherish your belly button - one day it may look different.
  4. Don't let someone take pictures of you during the "aftermath"
  5. If someone does happen to take pictures of you during the "aftermath", have a good sense of humor and share.
Before & After

Gosh I rock the Recovery Room Look! And yes, they can remove an inside piece with just 3 holes.

Under the Influence

Getting Ready for the Ride Home

Happy to be back in action!  Special V-Day post coming tonight.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm glad you're ok!! Sorry you had to experience that :(


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