D.I.Y - Freshen Up That Mirror

Our guest room has been on a slow journey to completion...But I'm on a mission to finish it!  My "Finish" to-do list includes a few new furniture purchases and a few more D.I.Y's.

My first project was to add some dimension to the room with a mirror.  I had a white mirror with an antique design in mind and Home Goods just happened to be on my way home. They had a great selection of mirrors, but the cost for white mirrors were $20-$40 more.  So, I decided to find one that was the right size and design and add the color myself.

  • Mirror
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Tape

1. Take small pieces of tape and line the glass around the mirror.

2. Use a roller brush to coat the mirror base and a small sponge brush to pant the inner ledge, and corners.
3. Repeat step 2 - 24 hours later.
4. After the second coat drys, remove the tape, clean the glass, and hang.

It has been raining and thundering all day today, giving me the perfect opportunity to complete one more of the D.I.Y for our guestroom - stay tuned for the progression!


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