Frame IT - Part 1

Who doesn’t like a good To-Do List, or a pre-planed Dinner Menu that meets you after a long day at work? I always have at least two ‘To-Do lists’going – they keep me sane and my life in order.  I’ve also found that planning our dinners, and buying groceries the weekend before a work week, motivates me to cook at home and helps keep me away from the “We don’t have anything to make – let’s go to La Madeleine”.  So when my organizational self saw this idea on a friends wall, I just had to do it.  The ingrediants for this DIY are mimial and the set-up is relativly fast – You will be on your way to a more oranized you before the end of your favoriate sitcom!

  • Picture Frame
  • Scrapbooking Paper – I had 5 sheets avaiable for use
  • Letter Stickers
  • Visa-V Markers
  • Velcro Squares

1.  Cut the scrap book paper of your choice to the size of the corresponding frame.

2. Add titles (Menu, To-DO, Etc.) to the chosen paper.  I made multiple options for the frame --- they can be switched out, or I can purchase a new frame to accommodate an additional background.

3.  Add Velcro strips to the back of the frame, and put the corresponding strip on the surface you will hang the frame from.  I chose to hang the Menu from the fridge and place the corresponding side on the fridge – they are easily removed.

4.  Add Velcro to the Visa-V Marker and put the corresponding strip on the side of the frame.

 5. Start Planning!

My next post will dig into another DIY with a picture frame --- Interested to hear about any additional uses you have found!

Love, ABV

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