August's D.I.Y - Flower IT

It seems like everywhere you turn fabric flowers are accessorizing shirts, headbands and bags.  With this in mind, I decided the August D.I.Y would test my luck at making these cute little accents.

I started this domestic adventure with a flower pattern from a children's clothing book.  It was helpful to understand the foundation for creating these - from there I made tweaks to make them my own.  I laid out the directions below and provided some pictures of them on a onesie and t-shirt...

Flower Ingredients:
- Fabric Squares (I bought the fabric squares used for quilts - it worked perfect)
- String
- Needles (2 sizes)
- Buttons

Creating the Bloom:
- Cut out a large and small circle from two different fabrics
- Fold in 1/4 inch in and press flat

- Start a running stitch and follow it around the fold, pulling tight as you go, closing the stitch at the end.

- To create dimension I added a running horizontal stitch and a running vertical stitch in the center of the flower.  These stitches helped create the 'full' look.

- Use a button to ancore the two petals together, and attach to item.

It was a lot of fun playing around with these and creating my own accessories!  I'm looking forward to creating more flowers with different fabrics and designs!

Let me know your thoughts!


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