Day Trip to Pedernales State Park

I grew up camping at state parks all around Texas- the smell of a campfire will forever remind me of smores, ghost stories and cool nights looking at a blanket of bright stars.  TV shares this same love for the outdoors, so we decided that it would be fun to get mountain bikes and start taking weekend trips to state parks around Texas.  

Our first trip was to Pedernales State Park in Johnson City.  We had little experience with mountain bikes so we rented them from a local shop to find out exactly what we liked before we made any purchases.  I didn't take long to determine that we like LARGE cushion seats.  We also recognized the fact that we may have been a little over confident in our biking abilities :) Overall the 7.5 mile bike proved to be very fun, and a great workout!  We ended our biking adventure  with grilled hot dogs and a relaxing dip in the Pedernales River.

BEFORE the Trek

Blazing The Trail!


The Falls- It has been closed to swimming since the 70's due to the danger related to flash flooding.

Overall we enjoyed our Pedernales Adventure and are looking forward to our next biking trip!


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  1. You always loved our hiking trips, not surprised you wanted to mountain bike a trail!!


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