I'm Back...

It has been a long time since we last spoke, and I have so very much to share.  Since our last meeting I went through an entire interview process with a new & exciting company, got a job offer, gave my two weeks, decided on a new blog design (found out I couldn't use the design with my current host), had 7 days of vacation, found out that I'm an accomplished stay-at-home wife, and smelled rain for the first time in months!

It has been very busy but the changes that God has provide me in the last month are just incredible.  I have been reminded of what a FAITHFUL God we serve and I am so grateful for the life I've been given!

Tomorrow is my first day so I'm going to keep it short tonight.  I'll be back soon!


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Thank you so much for following along and sharing your thoughts! I read each one; they mean the world to me!

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