8 Months + 3 Days of Marital Bliss

On Wednesday TV and I celebrated 8 months of matrimony.  It is hard to believe that ¾ of a year has passed since we spoke our forever vows.  And though so much has changed for us, we haven't skipped a beat; becoming one was a seamless process.  We have learned that although eating ice cream and watching movies every night is absolute greatness, it leads to the 'Newlywed 5'. And, although we would like to just play all the time, the laundry won't hop into the washer and do itself. We have enjoyed and celebrated our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, 3 , 4, and 5 month markers, Valentine's, 6 month, Easter, and now 8 month 'moments' knowing that these are times we will never get to relive but will always remember. As I thought back about my most favorite moments I was curious what his might be...so I asked.

Ashton's Favorite's:
1. Having one home; our home together
2. Going to sleep next to him and waking up to him with a cup of coffee for me every morning
3. Our first Christmas
4. Our weekend trip to San Antonio
5. Laughing. I love that we laugh as much as we do.

TV's Favorites: 
1. We don't have your house or my house, we have our house
2. Starting our own life. From the moment we got married it was about building OUR family.
3. Good day or Bad day I love talking to you about it.  You know me better than anyone else.
4. San Antonio Trip
5. Planning for our future

I also asked him what is one thing that I do that he would like me to reconsider- notice I just asked for one. I learned that I deal with constructional criticism best, one suggestion at a time:)  He started laughing and said, "Honey, when you cook in the kitchen it is a nightmare to clean up.  You make such a mess".  I'm big enough to admit, this might be partially true.  But I really feel deep inside I am a master chief, and chefs are just messy... But while I'm just a new wife learning new recipes, I will work on being a cleaner cook. He asked me what my suggestion was for him...It took me all of two seconds to think about it and I replied, "Point the shower head back down.  Every time I get into the shower after you I get sprayed right into the face. You’re like 6 inches taller than me and that means my face is where your chest is...cold water in the face is a sad way to start a shower." He responded with laughs.  
We ended our night laughing at everything we've done thus far and as I was listening to him relive the first memories of our new life, I thought about a song verse from one of my favorite singers-

"In rocking chairs we will share old memories, made up from apart of you and apart of me."

Sometimes I get caught up in getting to the next big thing that I don't remember, big things are happening right now.  Everyday moments, laughs, cooking messes, and cold showers in the face are simply wonderful memories that I've been given to remember what a blessing my Lord has given me in TV. This love has ignited passion in me and I am so very happy.

So this weekend I urge you to take a deep breath and think about the people your building these everyday memories with- the memories you will share in rocking chairs when white hair is all that covers your head.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it is wonderful to experience marriage through your eyes and heart. We love you both!


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