A Wedding Thank You...

During the entire wedding planning process, my parents were by our side. They helped us through the lengthy venue selection, numerous city searches to find the perfect dress, invitation selections, talks about decorations that would make a well person crazy, bridal portraits in the middle of August, late night tears of desperation when the seating chart just wouldn't work, various threats about running to Vegas, and the nights the week before the wedding that ventured far into the morning hours.

Without them TV and I would have been lost. Through it all I have been searching for the perfect way to say thanks...I know I will never be able to repay them for all they sacrificed for our one perfect night, but I would like to do my very best to express my complete gratitude. On mothers day last year, I came up with an idea that I was going to try to put together a picture slideshow for a combination Mothers/Father Day gift; however, after more thought, I decided this would be a great "thank-you" gift. This idea was confirmed to be perfect when we were searching for childhood pictures for our rehearsal dinner slide show, and my mom said "AWWW" with every picture. I changed my idea from a picture slide show to a massive scrapbook that would span from my birth to the wedding...with room for the future. At first glance, this may seem a little narcissistic, but I knew my parents would appreciate one place where they could go to see the life they created.

The project started when I got our wedding pictures back late October. I started on my journey to pick out pictures from the photographer, and locate other pictures to fill in the time from 0-September 18th, 2010...It was an adventure to say the least, and 4 months later it was finished.

The final product is 56 pages and is filled with memories we've held over the last 23 years. I don't know how many of you reading today are about to get married but I would recommend this gift to any parent. I have included pictures of this book below. 


  1. WE have looked at the album many times since you gave it to us. It truly is a special gift that takes us from the rapture of bringing you home from the hospital to the bittersweet joy of giving you away in marriage. The best part of the album is knowing the value of the time and effort you placed on expressing your thanks and love for us. We treasure the album and our relationship with you and Tanner. Love you!

  2. good idea i think i have that same scrap book which was planned to be for our wedding pics, still sitting in a closet somewhere. lol. looks good. Will prob end up being for kinley when shes 20 and i actually have time to sit down and make it.


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