Valentine's Day Wrap Up

I would like to let everyone know that we completed our exciting Valentines Dinner without any fires or stomach aches! (Well the fire alarm went off once, but we quickly fixed that by taking it down and putting on gas masks) I have pictures below for your viewing...

I had such a blast setting up our dinner scene last night! I wanted to have some special plates, so I went to T.J Max and found a beautiful design for $3.99. I had also kept our menu a secret from T.V, so to let him know what we were making I created menu cards from my plethora of scrap book paper. I finished the table off with candles and the beautiful flowers that my Valentine brought me:)

During the cooking process I could tell that we were both getting worried about the mint-mustard sauce that accompanied the lamb chops. T.V just said it smelled interesting but it really smelled bitter and just plain odd. I also wouldn't call myself adventurous when it comes to food, so in the back of my mind I was planning on my dipping sauce being ketchup...BUT, in the spirit of Valentines we decided to try it and can I say..AMAZING! This particular recipe made note of a special event when this was made for a dinner party and the husband of the host apologized in advance for licking his plate. By the end of the meal we knew just what that husband was speaking of- we licked our plates clean! The whole meal just went so well together and I was very proud of my maturing pallet.

I have to say that Valentines 2011 was been the best I have every had! I hope each of you had a great one as well!



  1. Those plates are so beautiful Ashton! And I am so proud of you for "maturing" your taste buds as well! :) That definitely looks like a meal from some high class restraunt! :)

  2. Hey Ashton! I love your blog! Jordan and I have a blog on here too, so I'm going to follow your blog from our account!


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