Valentine's Day 2011

If I am being honest this holiday was less then desired before T.V...but over the last three years I have grown to love when the shades of pink, red, and violet begin to cover the seasonal aisle at all my favorite stores. I can't necessarily say that I agree with a man made holiday, but I do agree in another day to celebrate the people you love. Not to mention, I am also a craft addict at heart so I am all over making my own Valentines for the specials in my life, and as you will begin to uncover, I will never pass up an excuse to pull out all my scrapbook stuff! If you are interested in ideas for your very own homemade Valentines, check out the Archivers Blog-I love looking at their blog for design ideas!

Beyond the cards and decorations I will partake in this Valentines, I am on a mission to make the best Valentines dinner! Since it is the first V-Day as H&W there is a growing amount of pressure to pull off a memorable experience for our taste buds. So I have been planning and decided on a great recipe out of a cookbook we received from our wedding planner at Hyde Park. I have used this book many times before and have always really enjoyed the results. If you enjoy cooking with the people in your life I would highly suggest, Bride & Groom First & Forever Cookbook.

The Vaughan's Valentine's Day Dinner:

~ Kir Royales
~ Lamb Chops with Mint-Mustard Sauce
~ Couscous with Melted Leeks and Thyme
~ Roasted Asparagus
~ Shortbread SweetHearts

I will let yall know how it turns out...Also, I would welcome any good luck prayers.



  1. Please tell me what Kir Royales are!
    ...I am guessing an appetizer of some kind, but Royale sounds like chocolate.
    Tell us how it went!!! YUMMM
    By the way...I really LOVE the design here!


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