A Broadway Experience in San Antonio

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today, I have to share with yall the first trip installment for From Kisses to Dishes! This weekend TV and I spent Saturday and Sunday in the historic city of San Antonio. The trip was very last minute but it turned out to be absolutely amazing! Here's how it went...

Wednesday, February 16th:
My entire family has been passing around the flu for at least 2 weeks now, and this week it finally reached my aunts family. 4 of their 5 members were sick by Wednesday, which had quarantined them to their house:) I would never rejoice in someone’s misfortunes; however, the timing of this flu bug was on our side. My aunt and uncle had tickets to see Wicked at the Majestic in San Antonio on Saturday night, but because of their unfortunate state they were unable to attend, and offered the tickets to us! TV and I had never been to the theater and had no idea what to expect; we were in for SUCH a treat! My aunt recommended the Sheraton Gunter Hotel, which is directly across the street from The Majestic. By Wednesday night we had a room, tickets to the theater, and enough excitement to get us through the rest of our work week!

Saturday, February 19th:
4:00pm: When we walked into The Gunter it immediately reminded me of our "Wedding Night Hotel", The Driskill in Austin. It is an older hotel with great details; beautiful dark wood, embedded sculptures and antique chandeliers lining the foyer. And the best part...It is in the heart of downtown SA! 
4:30 pm: It had been 2 hours since I had ate, so I was naturally starving and ready for dinner. We set off on foot for the river walk and ended up at Hard Rock Cafe. We were two college kids at the bar; we ate as many carbs, saturated fat, and red meat as we could. We spent 2 1/2 hours giggling, eating, and enjoying adult beverages. It is so nice having a husband that's co-title is best friend. After realizing what time it was we rushed back to the hotel, got ready, and headed across the street to The Majestic.

Saturday Night:
7:30 PM: I've never been to New York, but I told TV that it had to look like this...There were lines of people outside the theater decked out in dresses and ties. The trees had twinkle lights that were running toward the ground and I could smell the various perfumes as we walked under the bright sign displaying...Cadillac Theater Presents Broadway Across America WICKED!
As we walked into the theater to find our seats, I was in awe! It was a stunning display of rich colors, town scenes that lined the walls, and a ceiling that looked so much like a midnight ski I would have swore we were outside. During the entire show, I couldn't stop thanking God for such a great blessing. The show exceeded our expectations in SO many ways…It was without a doubt one of the best experience we have ever had. We left with a new found appreciation for the arts, and were so incredible thankful for the gifts those tickets were!

Sunday Morning:
9:00 AM: We woke up hungry for our typical Sunday morning country breakfast, so we searched through the Entertainment magazine the hotel provided and found Mr. Tim's Country Kitchen Café. The description made our mouths water! They promised a great country breakfast and sweet rolls the size of your head...Mr. Tim had me at sweet rolls!
10:00 AM: We set out by foot with our iPhone guiding the way...
10:40 AM: After a small directional mishap, we arrived at our destination 40 minutes later, very hungry, and concerned we may have made a bad choice. Mr. Tim's Country Kitchen Café is a hole-in-the-wall place on a side street just off the beaten path of central downtown. It was promised to be a place where the locals go, and it definitely was.

 Out of pure hunger, we decided to try it and found a table on their patio and began to order. Coffee and a huge basket of homemade biscuits with jelly and homemade country gravy were the first things that I ate…everything after that was a blur. The eggs, bacon, and hash browns were so fresh and the pancakes were an inch thick each and took up an entire plate...literally. We tried our best to eat everything, but to be honest it was enough to feed a small herd of teenage boys. Our waitress delivered our ticket with our sweet roll; it took up an entire to-go box! It was so beautiful, I almost cried.

11:30 AM: With full tummies we hurried back to the hotel to check out. We made it back in 20 minutes with 10 minutes to pack up and head to our last destination. Side Note: The great thing about staying downtown is that you have already paid for your parking all weekend...
12:00 PM: Our last destination was The Alamo. It had been a very long time since we had visited this historic site, and we enjoyed getting to walk around and take it all in. 

We left the Alamo and San Antonio with our staple souvenir, a Christmas Ornament, and memories of a wonderful weekend out of Austin. 


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